mindputtering (n/v)

verb, to mindputter: thinking, but thinking like a punchy, unreliable, two-cylinder engine of some re-repaired old moped trying to tow a topic or subject for which an eight cylinder truck might be necessary.

noun, mindputterings: the result of such an effort. The disorganized disconnected drivel one writes in a notebook and shows to no one, or at other times, puts on a blog. The rabbit pellet of thought: numerous, omnipresent, nutritionless, benign.  Very much the result of free association, or stream of consciousness.  Definitely related to surrealist automatism, but mindputterers take themselves in no way so seriously.

e.e.cummings would have liked this word.

etymology: mind + putter.

I made this word up.

related: thought-try

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